Good Stuff Crew

We believe in art as a form of upliftment.

We create positive experiences.

Do Good, Be Good, Feel Good.

Here’s how it goes…

Do Good

Working towards long-term development we take our fair trade practices very seriously around here! We love to see happy smiling faces. Working closely and conversing with our artisans we realized their plight is that they are always in a state of debt due to loans they pick up at high-interest rates since they are unable to secure a bank loan. This leaves them stuck always paying the interest amount and unable to pay back the principal amount of money borrowed.

Our mission simply is Poverty Alleviation. Through our brand, we help our artisans break out of this vicious cycle of debt by providing them long-term interest-free micro loans towards housing, medical aid and education for their children.

Our efforts have been able to empower single women to provide and build a house for their families in their villages and single mothers to send their kids to private schools for better education.

By practicing fair trade and eliminating debt we ensure that our artisans can always afford to send their kids to school, access quality health care and provide better for their family.

Be Good

Good Stuff is a family run brand that considers all of its artisans and customers as part of one big extended family. So yes; we’re like family!

We treat our artisans with dignity and respect, provide safe and clean working environments and encourage them to grow. We eat, laugh and communicate with them to better understand their problems and attempt to resolve them as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

We believe that your clothes are an extension of you and hence we take our ‘Be Good’ philosophy beyond ourselves and into the clothes we make. We’re focused on what we create and every last detail of design. Each piece of art is done by hand. Each detail is designed to bring joy.

Our clothing is all limited production - meaning that collections are formed of a small run and never mass produced. Limited production means better control of the product, more attention to detail, greater connection with those making the garments and best of all individuality. It’s good to have what not everyone has!

To do our bit to protect our planet we prefer items that will biodegrade within one generation. This is why we try and avoid synthetics and are mindful about the materials we use.

We love nature and all its elements. Everything in nature contains the power of Good Stuff.

Feel Good

Our clothes are designed to make you feel good. The joy of wearing something that you know is made with love, attention and joy, and helps to create positive change in the lives of artisans and their families is hard to beat. Don’t you think?

You help create a cycle of upliftment.

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